Full Customs

Custom Painting

Is it in the eye of the beholder? Perhaps, although preparation is “key” to any automotive paint job. We strive for the “Perfect Match” to the old/original color, or starting from scratch. Our paint specialists use MATRIX SYSTEM Automotive Finishes – available is a Low VOC AccuShade LV Premium Solvent Basecoat System as an alternative to waterborne basecoats for those looking for a high performance “eco-friendly” paint system.

Clearcoats range from an extremely durable high solids clearcoat with durability and color stability, to Specialty and Production Clearcoats, and Euro-Style Clearcoats. The FX Series Custom Colors provide outstanding clarity and sparkle, ranging from subtle to intense. Choose from Metallic FX, Vibrant FX, or Candy FX creating a sweet finish of deep liquid pools of color for your finest custom project – to quote Matrix, “Reds so red, they radiate heat and blues that rival glacial ice.

Let your imagination grow and your custom finishes glow with FX Series Candies”. And yes, we paint Harley’s and why not add a custom powder coat to your rims. We’ll paint your “Ride – 2 wheel, 4 wheel, 6 wheel or 16 wheeler” with the product and color of your choice! We love what we do and love seeing the smile on your face at the end of your project.

Victory Paint & Powder