LS Engine Swap/Conversion

Get Converted!

A very popular swap for muscle cars, hot rods, “muscle rods” as well as trucks and 4x4s, is now the rage, and it is easy to see why – it’s pretty darn reliable in most situations.

Sweeping the nation is Pro Touring, too, with the LS Engine Conversion. The easiest conversions you’ll see are the Chevy’s and GM Performance cars and trucks. Although, adjustments with the brake systems, headers and more under the hood might be a necessity depending on the owners “wish list”!

We’ve seen that some of our customers powder coating and ceramic coating headers, valve covers, and oil pans, and showing off some pretty fancy chrome work, too. Call our office if you’re interested in “dabbling” in to this market or stop by to take a peak in our showroom where you can feast your eyes on a “Pro Touring GTO” go through a serious face lift. A Chevy Nomad that sits on a Corvette frame also keeps the GTO company in the showroom… well, come in and see it for yourself – the exterior paint looks as though one could put their finger right through the paint… and it’s not done! The signature Corvette for VICTORY BODY AND PAINT, LLC is under the canopy in our parking lot nearly on a daily basis – located at 4000 HWY 273 on the corner of 3rd in Anderson.

So, remember, changing any of the variables in the engine compartment, and you risk hitting any number of items. This can bring your installation to a screeching halt so we recommend working with a well versed conversion team that you can find through Victory Body & Paint here in Anderson, Ca.

Take a “cruise” on line where you’ll find many articles addressing the swaps, and challenges. Don’t forget, start by powder coating your frame for durability and longevity.

Ls Conversions | Victory Body & Paint Powder Coating
Ls Conversions | Victory Body & Paint Powder Coating

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