Powder Coating

Custom Powder Coating

Engineered Architectural Projects – Steel Fabricators

Steel fabricators bring in steel posts for guard rails and other applications, specialty and designer railings, trellises, skylights, staircases, truss plates, art projects, custom rims, vehicle frames and headers, projects out on the fire line – there are endless applications in steel and other metal mediums where powder coating and ceramic coating sustain the longevity of each project.

Ceramic Coating

Insulkote by Cerakote

ATV’s, Sandrails, Motorcycles, Midgets, Rims, Truck Racks to Warehouse Racks, truck bumpers, industrial fabrications, construction equipment, decorative iron fencing and railings, trellises, metal furniture, filing cabinets … Victory Powder and Ceramic Coating should be your one and only stop here in the North part of our state noting our 27’ oven. There is more than 50 years of experience in our powder and ceramic coating division, and if they don’t know about a tricky application, they’ll find out from the manufacturer. Our team will wash and rinse, glass bead blast, or sand blast your project, with extreme care in the preparation process then on to the powder stage and baking. Most people are unaware that there are thousands of colors to choose from – we have several color fans and other pallets for your perusing. Here’s a note from one of our premiere suppliers, NIC, Industries, manufacturers of Prismatic Powders and Cerakote Ceramic Coating – “Super Chrome Is Back”!

“Super Chrome is the industry’s brightest and most reflective chrome powder coating on the market. With unparalleled chrome appearance and unmatched reflectivity, it replicates real chrome better than any other chrome powder coating available”. “PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CerakoteTM W-209 Insulkote is designed as an insulative coating for the interior wall of exhaust systems. W-209 Insulkote has excellent adhesion, thermal stability, and maintains its properties as a thermal barrier after repeated thermal cycling. All W-Series products are water-based, and no solvents are required for preparation or cleaning. Cure/Finishing Schedule: 1 hr at 500°F To maintain a true chrome like appearance, a top coat o Clear Vision is required.

Alternatively, any Prismatic transparent, candy, or various gloss clears, may be used deopending on your desired finish” – you will notice increased performance and heat reduction using these products. On the Powder Coating side of applications, the shear durability of powder coating can’t be matched and is sweeping the nation as an eco friendly application. Most liquid paints can’t stand up to this tough surface and its long lasting durability. Easy care with a gentle wash every 6 months helps to extend its longevity.

Have a High-Temp item that needs to be coated? Maybe a BBQ, outdoor stove, yes, we can re-coat it for you.

Our Powder Coat Suppliers

Cardinal Industrial Finishes: Powder Coating Without Limits see their site and brochure.
Mattes, textures, high gloss, brights.

Axalta Coating Systems: Alesta – The Global Color Collection
Mattes, textures, high gloss, brights.

NIC Industries: Prismatic Powders – can order in small quantities
Over 6500 custom powder coating colors!
PrismaticPowders.com, ClearCoating.com, CerakoteHighTemp.com

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